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How can I check my custom clearance status in Australia?

custom clearance

International trade and supply chain management keep the world economy running. Both processes are intricately intertwined and can be complex to comprehend. If there’s one important element of trade and supply chains that every business should know about, it is customs clearance. It is the process of reporting movement of goods across borders to the concerned authorities. Usually, business owners hire a customs broker to manage the necessary paperwork and complete the process of custom clearance on their behalf.

It’s important to know how to check your custom clearance status to ensure that everything goes smoothly when you ship or receive your package. If you are an Australian business, here’s what you need to know about customs clearance:

The information you must provide to check your status

Before you request the status of your shipment from the customs office, you should have the required information at hand. To check custom clearance Australia status, you must provide the following details about your shipment’

  • Your goods’ description.
  • The country of origin.
  • The value of your goods and their weight, if applicable.
  • The number of packages and their weight, if applicable.
  • Contact details for you to follow up with Customs on any issues that arise during customs clearance procedures

How can you check your custom clearance status in Australia?

Although it is simpler to ask your customs broker to provide you with tracking information, you also can see the movement of your shipment yourself. To check your custom clearance status in Australia, visit the website of your shipping partner and log in.
Once you’re logged in to your account, click on the “My Import Status” tab. You can find this tab on the menu bar of whichever freight partner you have hired. You can enter a shipment number as well as other details about your goods that may be relevant to customs clearance:

  • Entering a shipment number will allow you to identify and track shipments by this unique identifier; note that this is not required for all shipments (for example if you are using an importer’s bond). Alternatively, simply enter “none”.
  • If there are any outstanding issues with regard to customs clearance Australia (e.g., incorrect or incomplete documentation), input those details here so that they can be processed correctly by customs officials when necessary.

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