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Customs Clearance Services Australia

Reliable & Accurate Customs Broker Documentation

Our licensed customs experts in Melbourne provide accurate, easy and fast customs clearance for all imported goods to Australia. In the ever-changing world of customs brokerage and more regulations than ever before, ICS Global Logistics understand the importance of engaging a knowledgeable service provider that you can trust.

We have a comprehensive range of brokerage services to guarantee your compliance and reduce the risks associated with global trading. Our experienced customs brokers have extensive knowledge of customs clearance regulations and requirements and can provide specialist advice on duties and tariffs. Our custom broker will assess your requirements, and regardless of the size of your shipment will manage your clearances quickly and professionally.

customs clearance services

It is essential that all documentation be completed accurately and promptly to eliminate costly transportation delays. Our agents will expedite the customs process on your behalf to ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time. The team at ICS Global Logistics deliver unparalleled levels of customer service and you can provide professional advice regarding import/export, customs and quarantine matters. We will guarantee that all import/export goods are cleared quickly, and efficiently.

We are here to advise you and provide assistance to ensure that all obligations regarding imported goods are met.

We Have the Right Solution!

Our brokers will prepare all documentation for the smooth transition of your shipment through customs.

Our customs clearance services include:

  • Tariff advice
  • Classification and valuation advice
  • Trade consultancy
  • Duty drawback claims
  • Customs duty refunds
  • Tariff and freight audits
  • Customised reporting

Customs brokers play a critical role in facilitating the importation of products into a country while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and procedures. Working with an experienced customs broker can help importers navigate the complex process of importing many goods including steel products for the mining industry and avoid potential risks and delays.

If you need a customs broker to take charge of your shipments and the clearance process, we can help. Our licensed customs brokers will see that all your customs declarations are lodged quickly and accurately for fast and efficient clearance of your goods.

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