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The leaders in Logistics and Freight Forwarding.

ICS Global Logistics is your one-stop shop for all international and Australian freight forwarding needs.


Track Shipments, Check Customs Statuses and view all documentation on account with our easy to navigate ICS Global Logistics Portal.

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First Class Service - Superior Customs Solutions

ICS Global Logistics specialises in worldwide freight and logistics. We offer high-quality end-to-end customs and forwarding services to clients all over the world. We specialize in providing the best import and export specialists in Melbourne.

We have over 100 years of industry knowledge and experience. This has enabled us to become a top provider of freight forwarding, logistics, and customs solutions.

ICS Global Logistics is an international logistics provider committed to offering a first class service to clients throughout Australia and Internationally. We offer superior container transport solutions in and out of all major ports. Our experienced specialists are committed to delivering solutions that are tailored to our clients specific requirements.

Our knowledgeable staff are available to give thorough explanations about the different taxes and fees concerning a variety of goods and services.

Our clients are able to make informed decisions about their imports and exports. They can also fulfil their obligations regarding taxes and paperwork.

This is due to our efforts to ensure that all our clients have the necessary information. We make sure everything is done accurately. All imports and export goods are cleared quickly and effectively.

Why Choose ICS Global Logistics?

Best Service

To be the absolute best customs solutions provider, nationally and internationally. If you need air freight, sea freight, or road freight, we are your team.


ICS are passionate about building professional relationships based on trust. We believe that trust is built on mutual respect and promises kept.


ICS Global Logistics is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind with your international or Australia wide solutions. ICS is a member of several establishments.

Import and export specialists in Melbourne Best international cargo services

Do you require a versatile, dependable service at a reasonable cost?

Being one of Australia’s premier freight businesses, we take pride in our high level of experience and professionalism.

ICS Global Logistics import and export specialists in Melbourne, provides a customizable supply chain and logistics excellence package that is designed to maximise your company investments while minimising risks.

We create comprehensive solutions that ensure key delivery schedules by collaborating closely with our customers and our global network of partners.

If you are importing goods into Australia, our team will expedite your logistics process and provide you with complete visibility of your shipments through our comprehensive tracking system. Our experts will identify the most cost-effective option to transport your items and will manage the entire procedure for you.

Streamline your supply chain with dependable freight forwarding.

As project logistics specialists, we manage the entire process for you. Even the most complex projects are carried out exactly. If you are exporting or importing into Australia, our project experts and network of partners work together to guarantee your cargo arrives safely. ICS Global Logistics can assist you with any heavy-lift, oversize, sensitive, or large-scale project.

We are a global Customs Broker and International Logistics service. ICS Global Logistics has a broad industrial network, and our trusted alliances enable us to provide services both nationally and internationally. Our approach is flawless beginning with the initial consultation. If you are exporting or importing from or to Australia, we have the end-to-end transport solutions that you need.

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